Dimitris Danampasis is an Actor. Born on the 8th of February 1983 in Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece. He has been in Commercials, Movies, and Theater in Greece. He is an Actor and Casting Director, known for his participation in the English and Spanish speaking film «Destiny» in the leading role, named Michael. Destiny is a film production of AV Moviesworld. He also participated in AV Moviesworld production «Waiting Room». He is known for his work on Waiting Room (2018), Isis Bride (2017), Amanati (2017), Brousko (2016), Ouzeri Tsitsanis (2015), Ethniki Ellados (2015) and 504 hiliometra voreia tis Athinas (2004). He is a professional, full-time voiceover artist with a decade of experience. As a TV producer, he is producing a lot of commercials. He is graduated from the Superior Drama School Andreas Voutsinas in Thessaloniki in 2017. He successfully completed the annual film studies course of Art On Camera in 2015. Currently, he lives and works in Greece. Details of his work and studies are contained in his resume.